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Chief Medical Officer
Our mission
To produce superior CBD offerings for pets and their people with a focus on locally-sourced materials, safety, taste and quality.
about us
CompanionCBD was founded with a simple idea in mind: CBD can be a valuable tool in managing a wide range of diseases in pets and their people, but only if it can be made available in a palatable and easy-to-administer form.

We produce the highest quality CBD-based products for the veterinary and human markets. Our products are designed using an evidence-based approach, incorporating the latest scientific evidence and clinician experience.

Our CBD products were created to improve the physician and veterinarian’s ability to manage many difficult, chronic conditions with or without the use of pharmaceutical agents. Our comprehensive approach to the formulations is unique, as we integrate additional supplements that have been clearly shown to have a positive impact on the management of many chronic conditions.

From osteoarthritis to anxiety and the management of cancer, our products enhance both two and four-legged patients’ quality of life. At the same time, these products minimize the potential for side effects commonly associated with more traditional therapies.

In further contrast to our competitors, our website provides the educational tools clinicians, physical therapists, veterinarians and alternative medicine practitioners need to accurately utilize CBD. For CompanionCBD, access to the latest research is critical to the success of patients and medical professionals alike.

Our products are proudly produced from 100% USA-grown hemp. They remain THC-free and are manufactured in a GMP/NFP-certified facility to ensure quality and safety.
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