About Us

How CompanionCBD supports your hospital.
Not Just a CBD Company

We're Your CBD Partners

We'll provide the products, tools, infrastructure and legal guidance you'll need to accurately utilize CBD in your practice and educate your clients.

A Whole New Level Of Exposure

Your CBD Business Just Got Wings.

With your own online store, scheduling tools and private video consultation, your practice's CBD sales can expand your client list near and far.

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Included With Product Order, Free of Charge

Your CBD Toolsets

With more than 20 years of experience we can deliver the best product design.

Your Own Online Store

Hosted on your site or ours and branded under your practice

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Scheduling Tools

Manage client questions and consultation requests

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Private-Network Video

Speak with clients about CBD without face-to-face time

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Your Clients, Your Data

Your clients belong to you. We will never use or share the data your practice collects from selling our products.

How It Works

Your Toolset Questions, Answered

With more than 20 years of experience we can deliver the best product design.

Online Store

Why a store?

To protect and grow your client relationships. CBD has gone mainstream, and far too many pet owners give their pets unverified product from their local, street-side sellers. With your branded online store, you'll stand out as a source for safe, guaranteed THC-free CBD. Since the consultation and orders can take place online, you'll reach a whole new market of clientele.

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Scheduling Tools

Keep your CBD business in sync with the rest of your practice.

The scheduling tool connects to any major calendar system including Google, Microsoft and Apple. It will find available times in your schedule for client consultations.

Private-Network Video Consultation

Simple, safe and secure video chat.

Video consultation offers a flexible option for your and your clients' busy schedules. But don't worry: If you're too strapped for time to perform the consultations, CompanionCBD will do it for you.

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