This page answers some commonly asked questions about CBD.
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What is CBD?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of a group of compounds (phytocannabinoids) that comes from the hemp plant. Many of these compounds have shown potential benefit as therapeutic agents to treat a wide variety of disease, but CBD is one of the largest chemical constituents of this group and has been shown to hold great promise in human and veterinary medicine. Conditions such as osteoarthritis, anxiety disorders, seizure disorders, cancer, and diseases of the immune system are all potential targets for CBD.
Can you overdose on CBD?
The short answer? No. While it is possible to take more CBD than is beneficial, the most typical side effect you’d experience is drowsiness. If you want CBD to work properly, don’t overdo it.
What is the evidence in favor of CBD?
Evidence in favor of CBD’s effects is vast. So vast, in fact, that we have dedicated an entire section of our website to highlighting recent research. For more information, please visit www.companioncbd.com/research
Why CompanionCBD products?
CompanionCBD has endeavored to formulate products with three goals in mind:

1. Maximum efficacy

2. Excellent palatability

3. Ease of administration

Products with maximum therapeutic benefit must be formulated using the latest advancements in cannabis science while also being easy for a pet owner to dose and administer. If the product doesn’t taste good, the pet won’t eat it! Therefore, we have worked with our manufacturing partners to create products that are attractive to pets and vets.
For what conditions has CBD been suggested and validated?
While research is still ongoing, the current data shows its effectiveness for conditions including anxiety, behavioral disorders, alleviation of cancer symptoms, seizure disorders and diseases of the immune system. As more research is conducted, we predict this list will continue to grow.
As a pet owner, what do I need to know about CBD?
CBD is not a psychoactive compound like THC. THC is the compound in marijuana that produces a euphoric “high.” CBD is a cannabinoid compound, also found in the cannabis and hemp plants, but does not alter perception, cognitive function or dexterity.

CBD is being actively studied in human and veterinary medicine. The use of CBD to manage a variety of conditions is a topic best suited for discussion with your veterinarian. The variability in dosing, purity, drug compatibility and efficacy are all factors that will help determine whether CBD is an appropriate product for use in your pet. While CBD can be used as an adjunct or sole agent in the management of many of the aforementioned conditions, the decision to use it should be made after consultation with your veterinarian.

CBD has been proposed as a therapeutic option for the following conditions:
As a pet owner, how can I purchase products from CompanionCBD?
You can purchase CompanionCBD products from any of our licensed retailers.

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