2020 Pet Innovation Award

Chewable Treat Product of the Year

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What others are saying about us.
Sandie Comise

"I have a 15-year-old Papillon who has arthritis in his elbows. Didn't want to put him on strong drugs, so I decided to try CompanionCBD. So very glad I did! He just gets half of a chew a day, but his movement is very much improved ... I'm so happy to see my sweet old guy being active again!"

"Good news! The CBD chews seem to be working.

We were out for a walk the other day and she actually broke into a run! I can't remember the last time she ran anywhere ... she is obviously feeling better. Please send me an invoice for another container of chews. Thanks!"

- Jim Craig

Frank G., New York

"My 13-year-old Pitbull, Son, hurt his back and legs when he missed a step on the stairs and took a nasty fall ... After discussing alternative treatment options to help Son through this, my veterinarian mentioned CompanionCBD after she had learned some great things about the company's standards, possible health benefits, and effectiveness in treating Son's nerve and arthritic pain.

I am happy to report that the CompanionCBD chews I have been giving to Son not only helped immediately with his mobility and pain, but has helped him maintain an increasingly pain-free lifestyle over the last five months.

They've also helped his sensitive skin issues and his fear of thunder and fireworks during the summer months, which was an additional surprise! I loved this product so much that I have recently started my Pomeranian (who suffers from seizures) on CompanionCBD.

I'm so pleased to report that he has been successfully weened off phenobarbital and has been seizure-free since starting the CBD treatments ... the results are amazing!"

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